Largest Peaceful Gathering In History (On Imam Hussain AS Shrine)

Labbaik Ya Hussain AS
Over estimated 20 millions (2 crore) pilgrims visits last year Imam Hussain AS Shrine on Arbaien.
From 2009 to 2013, The Largest peaceful gatherings are recorded in Iraq. This Shows the Love of Shitte and Muslims with Imam Hussain AS. May Allah also make way for us to go Iraq for Ziyarat of Imam Hussain AS Roza.
Some Time this question is arise that why more peoples go to Imam Hussain AS shrine than Makkah on Hajj so the answer is that Visa and passport policies of Iraq is not so complicated than Mecca and saudi Government makes so many problems for pilgrims and on hajj there are so many things to do so it is so hard to handle this large amount of peoples on hajj.

list of largest peoples gathering

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